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What to Expect With Physical Therapy

It’s your first time going to physical therapy, you might be nervous, hurting, and unsure

of what to expect. What do you wear? What do you wear/need? Well, let me walk you

through a few things on what to expect.

Your first visit to physical therapy will consist of paperwork, and an evaluation done by

one of our DPTs to assess what’s bothering you, your goals, your level of function, and

to go over a variety of tests and measurements to obtain a baseline. After your physical

therapist gets the information that they need, they will show you introductory exercises

to begin working towards your goals. After your first session, you will schedule out for

2-3x a week for a few weeks to start.

At your next visit, and all following visits, treatment will begin to focus on mobility and

strengthening. You will be shown a variety of stretches, and exercises to improve your

overall function, and decrease pain. Each session may be different to continue to

improve your strength. This will continue until you have reached all your goals that you

and your physical therapist have set.

Now, let’s discuss what you need/wear for each session. Each session will consist of

performing various exercises, and movements. You should wear whatever you are most

comfortable in, and what would be easiest to move in. Comfortable, loose clothing is

best, along with a good pair of tennis shoes. This allows for easier movement, and the

ability to reach the body part we are working on as needed. While sometimes this might

not always be feasible with work and school schedules, and we understand that you

may not be able to come with workout clothing. What is most important is that you come

to your appointment ready to work.

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