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Patient Testimonies


I started physical therapy with hopes of avoiding surgery, 6 weeks later I am pain free in my shoulder, my strength is almost back to full (100%). The support staff was fantastic, they pushed me to do more exercises every week, but were very considerate of my physical abilities and made sure I was not harming my shoulder while doing the exercises. All in all I am very pleased with the overall experience with Physical Therapy Specialists of Idaho.

– Zach –

My time here was the best! At first trying to do simple tasks like getting in and out of the tub was difficult but when I was referred here you guys had exercises that helped me a lot. The exercises that I learned here I took them home with me so that I can continue to work on my mobility. I would recommend this place to anyone that gets into an accident. Everyone here is super friendly and helpful.

– Allen –

When I first came for therapy I was very impressed with the staff here Scott and Tyler are very professional and almost make therapy fun. I would truly recommend this group to all family and friends. I am now able to perform more chores and activities without much pain. I have been to other therapists but Scott and Tyler are the most attentive and helpful therapists I have ever been to. Thank you!

– Scherryl –

The workers here made me feel comfortable. They answered all my questions when I asked. They were fun to be around. I had so must trust in them with helping me recover my shoulder injury I totally will come back if ever needed.

– Anndusa –

PTSI has a amazing positive, encouraging atmosphere! The staff are encouraging and supportive and patiently worked to build my strength and confidence. They helped me work through both physical and mental blocks with their careful coaching and support. I feel that I am empowered to do things I could not do before. Their understanding of body mechanics explanations of what was needed and help doing exercises with the correct form is absolutely wonderful. Corey, Tyler, Jacci & Holly all worked with me and made me feel so welcomed and supported and encouraged me. The fun, friendly team atmosphere is great and made it fun. Their support and encouragement helped me immensely! Thank you so much!

– Ann Marie –

Very professional clinic and excellent staff. I’ve been to several PT clinics in Idaho and this place has been the best in all aspects, schedule, communication and all around client to patient relationship. Best recovery from a surgery so far!

– Daniel –

I think this clinic is the very best in Pocatello. All of the staff is friendly and seem very concerned with my progress. I feel that I have strengthened my core and gained the knowledge to continue my healing process. I strongly recommend this place to all my friends.

– Jake –

I was impressed at my first visit by the feeling of comfort in the overall layout and how friendly everyone was. Brelan is excellent. He encouraged me when I was ready to give up. Every step of the way he was there. I made new friends with the other patients. I would highly recommend PTSI! Great job guys. I’m leaving in much better shape than when I arrived. My daily activities are so much easier and I have a better understanding of how my body works. I really hated to quit. Thanks everyone!

– Kay –

I had an outstanding experience. I was constantly in pain before I started physical therapy and I though I was going to have to live with it, but now I have hardly any pain and a brighter outlook on the future. Thank you so so much!

– Britney –

The staff is friendly and knowledgable. I would certainly reccommend PTSI to family and friends just as it was recommended to me!

– Judith –

The clinic was clean and well organized. The staff was always friendly and knowledgeable. I will strongly recommend this clinic to family and friends. I have been to several clinics in Pocatello, and this one is head and shoulders above the rest!

– Robert –

My first impression of the clinic was that it was centrally located. I liked the clinicians. Elizabeth was very knowledgable and caring. Lisa was very welcoming and kind. Jacci was very friendly and knowledgable. I would recommend this clinic to friends and family for PT needs.

– Frank –

I had a favorable first impression of the clinic. Pleasant surroundings, friendly staff, ample equipment. I thought the staff were helpful and attentive. I would recommend you to others. This is the best PT experience (by far) that I’ve had in Pocatello.

– Betty –

My first impression of the clinic was that everyone was extremely nice and empathetic. Everyone was very patient with me and extremely knowledgeable. I felt that I was in competent hands and I was confident about my outcome. The facility is clean and well organized, with flexible scheduling. Brelan was observant and knowledgeable about my symptoms and explained everything to me clearly, which gave me more confidence about my therapy experience. I appreciate that he challenged me to do the best I could. Tyler was also very knowledgeable when answering my questions. They both really took my opinions into account when making decisions about my therapy. This experience has made improvements though out every aspect of my life. I have less pain, more mobility, more strength, and a better outlook on life. I would recommend this place to anyone that would listen to me. I greatly appreciate everything everyone has done to help me, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

– Amanda –

I can honestly say I would not be walking were in not for Corey and his staff. Thank you!

– Bill –

I have really been satisfied with this clinic. All of the therapists have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help me achieve success with my knee. I received personal treatment from Corey who was great in seeing that my treatments were completed properly and to his satisfaction. There were times when other therapists were involved with my treatment and Corey always had them report that everything was done properly. The clinic is very friendly and professional. I never once felt intimidated or was made to feel I was not important. I have had treats at other physical therapy places and my choice will be to come here when I need my therapy. PTSI is great and I will recommend it as the number one place for treatment.

– Marie –

I came in not knowing what to expect. This was my second attempt at physical therapy to help with my lower back pain. From the start I noticed a drastic difference. Jake Cooper was very informative and knowledgable. He spent time understanding my issues and then recommended a course of action. A few visits later I am feeling much better and now have the tools I need to help with back pain. Thank you so much for the help and support. I will highly recommend you to others.

– Jake –

This is my second time here and I love this place. Everyone here is so friendly. I really like working with Mike. When I wasn’t doing some of the exercises correctly he never made me feel dumb unlike other places I have been to. Corey was also very nice to work with. He would explain everything so that I understood. There was never a person that I didn’t like to work with. I would recommend this place to friends and family. I have been coming here for so long that PTSI has become like my family . I am so sad to be leaving . Thank you to everyone! PTSI has played a huge part in my recovery.

– Stephanie –

My experience at PTSI was good. The staff pushed me, but never to hard. When I had complaints they listened and adjusted my excerises. They were consistant and very helpful. My knee healed and improved quickly. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend this clinic to friends and family.

– Christine –

I had never done physical therapy before and didnt know what to expect. The entire process was kept simple and easy to follow. Each step, exercise or otherwise was explained and demonstrated so I knew just what was expected for me. Sometimes it even seemed to simple. I would recommend this center in the future.

– Hillare-

Let me begin by saying that my experience with PTSI was outstanding, from when I first entered the clinic to when I finally left. Even the T-shirt is cool! Although I spent most of my time with Corey and Steen everyone else was friendly and there for me when I needed it, including Holly and her sweet smile! Corey and Steen were both professional and encouraging and knew how to push me just a bit further each time I was there and they did it with care and humor. I have come a long way since physical therapy, mostly because of PTSI. Dr. Altenburg put me at the tip of the bell curve for how quickly I am recovering. I would defiantly recommend PTSI to anyone needing physical therapy. I am regaining strength and flexibility and my range of motion is slowly getting better and better. I walk, workout, and ride my bike. I will be riding in Spinderella in a couple of weeks. I expect to ride at least 50 miles and am excited about it, considering that it has only been 4 months since surgery. PTSI certainly meet my needs and exceeded my expectations, I cant thank you enough for what you did for me!

– Bev-

I had never had PT before and was very nervous. My first day I was impressed with the cleanliness and organization of the facility. Corey was very kind and understanding of what my problem was. He stayed with me and was very patient in teaching me what to do. I loved that I was able to learn how to do things at home. Tyler was also very kind and helpful. I also loved the music! I feel that Corey is very knowledgable and talented in his field. Overall experience was great!

– Audrie –

The service that I received was very good. Joni has helped me and been very professional about her care and service. My pain has gone to nothing, before I couldn’t walk, stand or sit because of my pain. I can do everything now. Thank you so much!

– Art –

So very impressed with the clinic and the staff. They are very well trained and have helped me immensely to improve my daily routine. I would defiantly recommend this clinic to anyone who needs rehabilitation from accidents, injuries, surgery or whatever they need to a normal routine. I have enjoyed my time at the clinic and it has helped me to reduce pain and suffering. The staff is super and was very pleasant to work with.

– Blayne –

The first impression I had was a warm and friendly atmosphere. Holly, the receptionist bent over backwards to help me adjust my schedule to fit my needs. The staff members I worked closely with were Joni, Jacci and Mariah. Joni and Jacci were so patient and professional as they taught, encouraged and helped me. Excellent facility. I would defiantly recommend it to anyone. b>

– Gail –

If you are searching for a physical therapy provider, search no more. These guys are great!!!! They kept therapy fun and time would fly by. The atmosphere is laid back yet very professional and the different treatments are creative and effective. The therapists have different certifications in specialized areas, I was referred to my therapist based on the specific training he has in working with the spine. I was referred to him by one of the top sports doctors in Pocatello. I was a runner for 25 years so I have tried different physical therapy places over the years of falling apart and this is the one place that actually made a difference.b>

– Cracka –

When I first came into PTSI I could hardly sit in a chair because of my back pain. Over the last 6 months they have helped me regain my mobility and strength. I would highly recommend PTSI to other patients. There staff is very knowledegable and friendly. Thank you so much!b>

– James –

The clinic has been a great experience.The atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming. Everyone works very well together. The staff has a relaxed and friendly attitude, but they are also very professional and great at what they do. The treatment has changed the way I am able to live my life. I though I would live with my pain forever. After coming here I realized that, that is not true. I highly recommend PTSI.b>

– Amber –

I was going to a different center before my surgery but was not happy there. My doctor recommend here and I was impressed with the staff and how cheerful and helpful they have been. Mike, Chandra and Corey are the ones who have been with me most. I have recommended here to all I have talked to, my husband needs surgery on his knees and PTSI is the only place I will let him go. I like all that I have done. I am glad for the progress that I’ve made, but ready to be done. Thank you for your help after a painful surgery to get my shoulder back.

– Karen –

I’ve enjoyed my time here at Physical Therapy Specialists of Idaho. I have met my goals. I have also met many caring and professional people. I really appreciated my therapist Jacci. She took extra time and effort to help me succeed. During my knee rehabilitation Jacci had to adjust many exercises to accommodate other health issues. I have visited several physical therapy facilities over the years and found Physical Therapy Specialists of Idaho to be one of the best facilities.

– Fonda –

I have been treated wonderful. Everyone has been very professional, encouraging and friendly. It has been a joy coming here for my therapy. I am doing so much better than when I started. My thanks to all of you!

– Margaret –

Over my years I have been through physical therapy a few times for different injuries, PTSI has been the most enjoyable and successful of all. The staff has been wonderful to work with! If or when I need PT in the future I will be back.

– Alan –


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