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Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated to Stay Active

Studies show it is important for our health to have at least an hour of activity a day. Physical activity is needed to maintain and improve strength, manage weight and prevent injuries. Some days we struggle with finding motivation to do something active because laying on the couch may seem like the better option. Here are some ideas on how to keep yourself motivated to include physical activity in your day. 

  • Start small: When trying something new the best way to begin is to “take baby steps.” By doing one specific exercise or performing physical activity in intervals it helps ease the stress of needing to be active when you are not feeling up to exercise.

  • Incentives: Giving yourself something to look forward to is a great motivator. Tell yourself if you go for a walk then you can reward yourself with a treat. If watching TV is your obstacle then perform a little workout between each episode or every 30 minutes.

  • Create a Routine: By having a schedule it helps our mind and bodies be motivated by knowing what you have to do in a day. Have a set time of day and exercise plan to complete for the day. 

  • Make it fun: Who doesn’t like some kind of fun in their day? If we need to have physical activity then we might as well make it fun! Take a night walk to look at the stars, have a dance party while doing chores or even play a silly game such as tag or balloon toss. 

When we think of being physically active, we sometimes don’t realize how much fun it can be. Just because you are exercising doesn’t mean you can’t reward yourself with spending time relaxing. Relaxing is also an important piece of the day we do not want to forget because it decreases stress and allows for our body to heal.

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