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Tips to Stay Motivated during Your Fitness Journey

Whether we’re seasoned exercisers or just starting out, motivation – or lack thereof – has probably crossed our minds at some point. Maybe the results we’re looking for are slower to come that we would like or we just have a lot of other things on our plates; but whatever the reason, we’re lacking some motivation and could use some tricks to get it back. While it’s okay and even recommended to take a rest day we don’t want our lack of motivation to lead us to taking more and more days off in between workouts. There are many different sites offering tips and tricks to stay motivated to stick to our workouts. Here is a list of 10 of our favorite ways to stay motivated:

  1. Set Goals – Determine what you would like to achieve. Make it challenging, but still realistic and achievable.

  2. Rethink Positive Thinking – Instead of using creative vizulation, use mental contrasting You will still identify a goal and visualize an outcome like you would with creative visualization, but you will take it one step further and identify what’s holding you back from achieving that goal and then adjust. For example, if you’re constantly tired after work and you don’t want to exercise (obstacle), switch to morning or lunchtime workouts (adjustment).

  3. Look the Part – When you have the right clothing for your workouts, it changes your perspective. You’ll want to work out more because you’re now not only dressing the part, but playing the part as well.

  4. Reward Yourself – Give yourself something to look forward to after a workout or after achieving one of your goals. Buy yourself a smoothie after a hard workout, have a night out with friends or a lazy night staying in watching a movie; whatever it may be, make it something that seems like a reward to you.

  5. Use the Buddy System – Workout with a partner and/or make friends with people in your exercise classes. This will not only help to keep you accountable, but it will allow you to get a social fix while exercising. Your friends and you can even start having contests such as most steps walked or most flights climbed to add in a little healthy competition.

  6. Keep Track – Logging food intake and exercise will add an extra layer of understanding to your body and fitness journey. Seeing everything on paper or in an app makes you think more about what is really going into your body.

  7. Shun the Scale – Don’t weigh yourself regularly. You will put on muscle while losing fat which may cause your weight to go up before it starts to go down. Don’t let the scale kill your motivation; you’ll know your workouts are beneficial when your clothes are fitting you differently, not by the number on the scale.

  8. Switch it Up – Break up your normal workout routine by trying new classes and exercises such as yoga, spinning, boxing or Zumba.

  9. Make it Part of Your Daily Routine – Schedule exercise like you would anything else in your day. You can even make it part of your commute; instead of driving, ride your bike, run or even walk to work one day.

  10. Be Flexible – Every day will not go as planned. If you’re too busy or you don’t feel up to working out, remember that it’s okay to take a day or two off; just make sure to get back on track as soon as you can.

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