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Tips for Enjoying the Summer Weather While Staying Active

It’s finally that time of year where the weather starts its transition into the warm summer weather we yearn for all winter long. We all want to get out of the house and enjoy the nice weather, but it’s important to stay safe while we stay active during the summer months.

1. Hydration – One of the most important pieces to safely enjoying the summer heat is by staying hydrated. Making sure we are drinking enough water every day is crucial for many reasons: it helps us regulate our body temperature, keeps joints lubricated and keeps our organs functioning properly. When we are active, we lose fluid, so it is important that we drink water before, during and after our summer activities so that our bodies can continue to function properly.

2. Dress accordingly – We’ve all heard the phrase “Dress for success”, but have you ever thought of it applying to a more casual setting such as fitness? It applies just the same! It is important that we dress for the weather. Wearing something lightweight, light in color and moisture-wicking can help prevent us from overheating in the warmer temperatures. So, while you’re planning your outfit for your next summer adventure, take these things into consideration!

3. Listen to your body – Similar to listening to your gut when you just don’t feel right about something. Your body will tell you what it needs, you just need to make sure you are listening to it. If your body is trying to tell you it is overheating and tired, take it seriously.

· Take frequent breaks. There is nothing wrong with taking breaks to allow your body time to regulate its temperature and not overheat.

· Take time for frequent water breaks. Just as we talked about above, hydration is crucial while staying active in the heat. Make sure you are staying hydrated and making it a priority to take water breaks frequently.

· Take advantage of any shade. If you are in a place where shade is available, move your workout there as much as possible. This will protect you from the harshness of direct sunlight while still allowing you to enjoy the fresh, warm air.

· Allow yourself time to adapt to the heat. Experts estimate that it takes our bodies approximately 4-14 days to adapt to warmer temperatures. Don’t expect that you will be able to maintain the same intensity you’ve been working at during the winter in the gym while moving activity to the outdoors. It’s okay to slow down or shorten your workouts accordingly.

4. Timing is everything – Try to avoid the hottest parts of the day, this is typically between 12-4pm. Working out in the morning or evening when the temperature is cooler is ideal.

5. Don’t forget the sunscreen – We are all guilty of forgetting to wear our sunscreen on occasion, but it is important that we protect our skin while enjoying the outdoors. Our skin helps our body regulate its temperature, so it is important that we protect it! Not to

mention, there is nothing worse than getting a gnarly sunburn that prevents us from moving because it is just too painful!

6. Don’t be afraid to change things up – If you’re just not sure what you could possibly do to stay active this summer, step outside your comfort zone and try something new! Some fun ideas to getting out and staying active this summer while still burning some calories could be:

· Taking a morning or evening walk around your block. Making this a routine by walking the dog during this time or inviting a friend to join you to chat and walk can help us stay active while enjoying the warm weather.

· Going on a bike ride in shaded areas, such as around your local park track or during cooler parts of the day.

· Do some light gardening or yard work; a household duty that some of us may find more joy in than others. You’ll still be able to burn some calories while keeping your yard looking nice and getting things done around the house.

· Give your car a bath. You’ll still burn calories while washing your car, you can even give yourself a little spritz to stay cool!

· Join a local community recreation outdoor sports league. This will help you get out of the house, stay active, and help meet new friends.

Most importantly, just have fun this summer! Take the appropriate precautions and enjoy your time with friends, family or simply just by yourself. Make memories and keep yourselves safe!

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