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Physical therapy as a first line of defense?

Physical therapy as a first line of defense? What is the benefit of seeing a physical therapist as a first line of defense? This may seem like an odd question at first, but it actually is a great question. Allow me to begin with some explanation that may help. Physical therapists are trained to critically evaluate the entire body in the way that each part works together to affect another. Physical therapists typically spend an entire hour listening to the patient, checking for loss of flexibility, strength, balance, sensation and loss of function – essentially, their focus is to determine and address the actual root cause of the problem or problems the patient is having. Physicians and surgeons are trained to compartmentalize or focus in on specific parts of the body. In addition, most physicians and surgeons have very limited time to spend with each patient, usually 5-10 minutes or less. In this limited amount of time, it makes it very difficult for the physician/surgeon to truly listen to what the patient is telling them. In addition, this makes it very difficult to get to the root cause of the problem the patient is having. This leads to the patient being placed on medications, receiving injections and at times premature surgical intervention. While medications, injections and surgery can be helpful, if they are done in isolation, then they are only treating the symptoms of the root cause of the problem. So, the benefit of seeing one of the expert physical therapists here at Physical Therapy Specialists of Idaho as a first line of defense is this: We are able to determine and address the root cause of the pain/issues you are having, which will help you avoid pills, shots and surgery and get back to doing the things you need, want and love to do.

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