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Indoor activities to get you through winter

Indoor activities to get you through winter Burr… It’s getting cold outside the chances of leaving the house for anything other than essentials (like work and obtaining groceries) decreases exponentially with the temperature outside. If it’s cold outside you are less likely to be inclined to venture out into the freezing air. For the days (or, let’s face it, months) when the weather is less-than-ideal, it’s easy for our productivity—and general satisfaction with life to come to a halt as we hole up with blankets, junk food, and a long, long Netflix queue. Don’t fall into a show hole…. There is still plenty of ways to stay active without having to leave your house.

Here is a list of fun, fulfilling hobbies you can start within the comfort (and warmth!) of your own home.

Take up Yoga. If you think you have to leave your house to do yoga think again! There are amazing online services out there that provide similar experiences to in-person classes for fairly affordable rates. Sign up for a service you like, and commit to completing a video every few days. You’ll feel better for it. Learn a New Language Ever wish you knew how to speak another language? There is no better time than now! Why not spend all winter learning a new language, then try out your newfound skills on your spring or summer vacation? This hobby will help to keep your mind stimulated all winter long. Start a New Workout Plan Ever heard the saying summer bodies are earned in the winter? Don’t let your health fall by the wayside as temperatures drop! Commit to a workout plan you can complete without stepping outside. There are tons of different health programs and coaching available online. Find one you love and make that commitment. Take up Cooking Wish you had better skills in the kitchen? Take this winter to master some yummy recipes that you can show off to your friends this summer. Youtube or Pinterest is a great place to look for free easy recipes and cooking tips. Learn to Meditate Meditation is shown to improve concentration, will power, and will boost your immune system. Plus, it can decrease stress, depression, and anxiety, among other things. Basically, it's an excellent hobby to adopt for anyone who needs a little zen. Warm Winter Wishes!

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