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How to stay active while on vacation

With the holidays quickly approaching and the weather getting colder, this is a popular time of year to take a vacation. Your fitness doesn’t have to take a backseat just because you are traveling. Whether you are in Rome or Florida, there are plenty of ways to still stay active while enjoying your vacation!

One of the hardest things for people who travel is getting back to their fitness routine once they get home. With a few easy swaps and fun activities, you can easily incorporate fitness into your vacation and come home feeling great! Here are a few tips to help you find fitness while also enjoying your vacation.

Opt for the stairs

Stairs are a great calorie burner! Whether in hotels or higher-altitude spots like the Eiffel Tower, leave the elevators behind and climb the stairs.

Explore fitness

Vacation is the time to have some fun and try things you normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to do. The kids want to hike up a mountain? Lace up your walking shoes! Are they bound for scuba/snorkeling class? Join in! Go paddling in river canoes. Learn salsa dancing. Play beach volleyball. Water ski. Anything that elevates the heart rate and allows you to have fun is a win/win situation.

Sightsee in Walking Shoes Instead of Taxis and Trolleys

No matter where you travel there’s often no better way to take in the joys, scents, and surprises of the cultures you’re visiting than on foot. Plus, walking is free! Save some money and gain some exercise.

Plan Movement Opportunities Into Every Day

Is the morning full of standing (and very little walking) in art museums and cathedrals? After lunch, take off for aerobic adventures. Go for a nice long walk along the park or shore. Or ask your hotel’s concierge for walking maps of the area.

Find Restaurants That Are Within Walking Distance From Your Hotel

Why take a taxi when you can enjoy a leisurely walk in the cool evening air to and from the restaurant? Plus, walking after a meal is a wonderful way to help keep blood sugar levels down.

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