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How to Fall Proof Your Home

How to Fall Proof Your Home A fall is something that shouldn’t be feared by just the elderly, a hard-enough fall can hurt anybody no matter the age. Although our youngest and our oldest are most at risk for this type of injury everyone should take proper steps and precautions to ensure a fall proof home. Here are a few tips to help create a safe home for you and your loved ones. Bathroom -Place a slip-resistant rug next to the bathtub for safe entry and exit. -Use a nonslip rubber mat or non-skin strips in your shower or tub. -Install grab bars for support inside the tub and next to the toilet. -Replace glass shower enclosures with non-shattering materials. Kitchen -Store food, dishes and cooking equipment in easy to reach places. -Never stand on chairs or boxes to reach cabinets or shelves. Use a step stool with a bar to hang onto. -Clean up any liquid or food spilled on the floor immediately. Steps & Stairs -Always keep objects off the stairs. -Fix any loose or uneven steps. -Provide enough light to see stairs and landings. -Make sure carpet is firmly attached to every step. -Make sure that there are handrails on both sides of the stairs. If you are experiencing any pain from a fall give our office a call and schedule a no charge 10-minute consultation with our experts to help get you feeling better.

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