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How Physical Therapy Can Help High School Athletes and Prevent Sport Injuries

Keeping High School Athletes Game-Ready & Injury-Free

High school sports are an annual tradition. The teams are beacons of pride in communities across the country. And to the athletes, it’s often much more than just a “game.” Sports bring people together, which, in a time of the COVID-19 virus, has become completely redefined. New norms include social distancing, protective face coverings and a number of other safety measures.

At the beginning of last year, no one could have predicted the challenges that high schools and athletic departments would face. Since then, mandates and rules have varied not just by state, but also at the county and district levels, and the challenges have been unique for each school.

Even among the uncertainty, PTSI continues to be here for our athletes, supporting their physical health needs both on and off the field. Our therapists and athletic trainers have the knowledge and expertise to help guide athletes and coaches during this unique time.

Preventative Physical Therapy Keeps Athletes Game-Ready

Assisting athletes in getting back on track with their physical fitness is one important, and perhaps lesser known, use case for therapy. Often, we think of therapy as being primarily needed for the treatment of injuries sustained. But proactive and preventative therapy treatment is just as critical.

Personalized Strength and Conditioning Programs

Strength and conditioning programs are another therapy use case. Our team can develop personalized treatment for high school athletes that is focused on sport-specific function in order to maximize their performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Treat Pain, Discomfort and Injuries Immediately

Of course, if an athlete is experiencing any type of pain or feeling of discomfort, that is reason enough to seek therapy treatment as quickly as possible. One of the easiest ways to seek treatment is through our 10 minute no charge consultation. Call to schedule today 208-478-1488

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