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Happy National Physical Therapy Month

Every October the American Physical Therapy Association recognizes practitioners across the nation. Everyday our physical therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants help their patients. Their goal is to help them move better so that they may return to their regular activities. While we see the incredible work of our therapists daily, we also would like to join the rest of industry in celebrating all clinicians’ efforts.

What is Physical Therapy? Physical Therapists are experts in movement, they diagnose and treat MSK-related symptoms and conditions. The primary goal of physical therapy is to improve and/or restore physical movement. A PT may use a combination of hands-on therapy, stretching, strength training and cardiovascular conditioning. These techniques help patients gain strength, increase range of motion and reduce pain. What are the benefits of Physical Therapy? Many! Physical therapy is the preferred treatment for those experiencing pain from musculoskeletal-related issues. Physical therapy benefits include:

  • Pain reduction and/or elimination

  • Injury recovery and prevention

  • Improved balance and coordination

  • Increased mobility/flexibility

  • Manage symptoms to age-related and chronic conditions

  • Stroke recovery

  • Ease women’s health issues, including those pregnancy and post-partum related

  • Avoid and recover from surgery

  • …and MORE!

PT is the preferred way to ease musculoskeletal symptoms without surgery or pharmaceuticals.

Try PT today Ready to try PT? Our dedicated therapists can help. They will test and diagnose your pain to develop a custom treatment plan. Our goal is to help you receive the treatment that best suits you and your needs to get you back to feeling your best.

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