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Get Moving into Summer!

For many people, May marks the transition from cold winter months into a beautiful summer. Although the weather might not cooperate every day, the sunshine and warmer days provide numerous opportunities to enjoy the fresh air and stay active. May has also been announced as National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. As the month now comes to an end, we can continue to take that motivation with us throughout the rest of the summer. Getting in the recommended 150 minutes of exercise every week1 can occur through many different activities that will also add fun and community into your summer routine. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Walking – Whether it be catching up with a friend walking around the neighborhood or during your lunch break at work, a walk outside allows you to get some fresh air while getting your heart rate moving.

  2. Commuting – Replace your car with a bike this summer. Try biking to work once per week, then work your way up to more frequent bike rides! If your commute is too far, you can try parking a little farther away from your workplace and get more steps in walking to and from your car.

  3. Swimming – You can look to your local pool or beach for a great aerobic exercise that takes full advantage of the warmer summer months.

  4. Joining a league – A quick park district or community center search will tell you if your city offers an organized sports league. Try joining one to bring out your competitive side, get in some weekly physical activity, and meet new friends!

  5. Packing a picnic – A picnic at the park is a great way to get friends and family together. From playgrounds to volleyball courts, parks provide great opportunities to get the whole family moving.

  6. Biking – Hopping on a bike allows you to explore new areas and trails. Try biking to your favorite ice cream spot or taking a longer ride around a lake. Many cities even offer bike rentals if you do not own one yourself.

  7. Outdoor fitness classes – Many cities offer different fitness classes, often free, during the summer months. You can do a quick online search to see if any of these are offered in your community!

  8. Sign up for a 5K! – Whether you prefer running or walking, signing up for a 5K provides a great opportunity to stay active with your friends while also often supporting an important charity or mission.

Regardless of your interests or fitness level, there is always an opportunity to embrace the summer months by getting moving outside! You can start with a couple of these options and continue to find your own favorite ways to stay active and enjoy the beautiful outdoors

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