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Easy Ways to Stay Active This Spring

It’s officially springtime and we know you are ready to get outside and enjoy some sunnier days. Here are some easy activities to add into your routine that will keep you feeling healthy and strong!
Ride Bikes
This is one of the easiest ways to explore and get outside. Even a simple ride through your neighborhood, or park can be all you need to increase your heart rate, enjoy some sunshine and also spend some quality time with family or friends!
Walking is one of the best activities for low impact, effective exercise. Take in all the scenery that springtime has to offer as you wander through some trails, parks, or a new neighborhood. Instead of driving to a coffee shop or local farmers market, trying walking!

Play Frisbee
How long as it been since you’ve played Frisbee? If it feels too simple, make things a little more interesting
with a game of Frisbee golf. Bonus points if your dog plays, too. 
Plan a picnic
Pack a healthy lunch, and try walking to the best picnic spot; doing all of this is putting you on the right track for mental and physical health, all in one day. A healthy picnic basket should be comprised of lean meats, whole grains, and an array of colorful fruits and vegetables. Remember to be safe in the sun, and to cover with sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat!

Go camping
 Pack a bag, grab your tent, and set up camp. It doesn’t matter if you’re way out of town, or in your own back yard. There’s just something to be said about sleeping under the stars. And spring is the perfect time to do it — before the heat is too sweltering and the bugs are more than you can handle.
It can seem like a relaxing activity, but it is also a great form of exercise. You can get a full body workout with the constant moving, pulling, twisting, and turning. Not only that, but planting healthy foods means you’ll have your own supply to choose from literally right outside your front door.
Contact us today!
Are you ready for a spring without pain pain? Call us today and lets get you scheduled for a FREE Consultation 208-478-1488. Together we will get started on your journey back to health and healing  

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