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Don’t Live with Back Pain- Relieve It

Did you know nearly 85% of people experience back pain at some point each year? Back pain is common but not unavoidable. So, understanding the causes of back pain and accessing the services to treat it are essential.

To start, turn to your physical therapist!

Causes of Back Pain

When we think of back injuries, we often imagine “throwing out our back” while performing strenuous tasks like lifting heavy objects. Other causes of back pain can include:

  • Degenerative spine conditions

  • Trauma

  • Extensive sitting

  • Poor posture

Have you ever thought, “Why does my back hurt- I haven’t done anything physical to cause an injury?” Surprisingly, back pain can arise from small, everyday activities, especially those that involve bending forward.

Small Movements, Big Impacts

Flexion: Finding a Balance

Bending forward puts our spine in a state of “flexion.” We spend a lot of time in flexion throughout our daily lives. Even when sitting, the spine is flexed, and considering how much time we spend sitting, it can certainly contribute to back pain.

The Impact

When our spine is in flexion, certain tissues become compressed and stressed. Over time, this repetitive stress can cause tissue damage. Taking it easy in the recliner isn’t the answer either.

Prolonged sitting can cause back pain and impact the neck, arms, and legs. It can also add tremendous pressure to the back muscles and spinal discs. Some back conditions can actually worsen due to sitting.

The Consequence

Simple tasks like picking up groceries, washing dishes, or lifting with poor mechanics can cause significant damage. If you ignore your pain, it can become worse and chronic in nature. The consequences of back pain don’t stop there. Other health risks associated with chronic back pain include headaches, digestive issues, depression, anxiety, fatigue, and immune system dysfunction. The outcome can be inflammation, illness, or a body that is more susceptible to injury.

Don’t Ignore Back Pain; Choose Physical Therapy

Starting physical therapy early (within a few days of your symptoms) to treat back pain has been proven to lower the chances of pain becoming chronic. Additionally, research indicates that early physical therapy intervention reduces the need for pain specialists, emergency room visits, advanced imaging tests like MRI scans, and injected pain medication into the spine. These interventions can be costly, with adults suffering from back pain spending $1,440 on average in healthcare expenses each year—2.5 times higher than those without back pain. However, there’s a better way.

Try Physical Therapy First

Physical therapy addresses the root causes of your pain, whether from small movements, poor posture, strenuous activities, or injuries. By accessing PT as the first stop on your road to health and wellness, you can avoid the frustrations of waiting, costly (and potentially avoidable) procedures, long recovery times, and side effects of pain medications.

Physical Therapy: A Better Way to Heal Your Back

Through non-invasive techniques, your physical therapist can help you heal your back pain, prevent it from becoming chronic or worsening, and save you valuable time and money. Get back to the activities you love! Give us a call today! 208-478-1488

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