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Ditch the Pain Meds and Try Physical Therapy

Ditch the Pain Meds and Try Physical Therapy Millions of individuals live with chronic pain. To cope with everything from back and joint pain to debilitating pain from accidents, many people have turned to pain medication. Whether prescription or over-the-counter, there are several drawbacks to relying on medication to relieve pain. Pain pills can sometimes interact with other medications, they can be addictive, and they ultimately only mask symptoms instead of treating them. Physical therapy is a good alternative to the long-term use of pain medication.

Why Choose Physical Therapy? There are several reasons why physical therapy is a great alternative to relying on pain meds. One of the primary reasons to choose physical therapy is that it can treat the root causes and not just the symptoms of your pain. While pain medication may give you instant relief, it doesn’t last. You remain in an endless cycle of taking more and more medication. There is also the cost to consider. Years of prescription medication, even at a reasonable price, will likely add up to more than the cost of how much physical therapy you’ll need.

What Can Physical Therapy Do for Individuals Living with Pain? While the thought of doing exercises, or almost any type of physical activity, may sound unpleasant to a person living with pain, the right kind of movement can be extremely helpful. Physical therapy targets the area of your pain and works on treating the condition instead of temporarily masking it. A physical therapy routine can improve your overall strength and endurance. It can also improve joint stability and increase joint and muscle flexibility. According to PT in Motion, physical therapy can even help rewire the brain to reduce chronic pain.

What Treatment Options are Available? A trained physical therapist can use a variety of treatment methods to reduce or completely eliminate your pain. Manual therapy is one of the most commonly used and effective types of treatment available. Manual therapies can include massage and joint manipulation. There are several other specific techniques that a physical therapist may use to help alleviate pain. While using pain medication for a short while may be effective, physical therapy is a much better option for long-term relief from pain. An experienced physical therapist can do a complete assessment on your current condition and create a customized therapy plan that’s right for you. You can start enjoying reduced pain in your life with the help of physical therapy!

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