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Post Surgical Rehab

Many people find surgery very scary, especially when they don’t know what to expect. Click on your condition to view a short video or two about the surgery and the desired outcomes. Knowing this material can help ease your mind and prepare you for a successful surgery. A lot of patients are under the impression that it is a long, painful road after surgery. This is not always the case. We hope you enjoy these videos, and if you have any questions please consult your physician or one of our therapists today. 

Cervical Discectomy

Cervical Fusion

Lumbar Discectomy

Lumbar Fusion

Total Hip Replacement

Total Shoulder Replacement

Total Knee Replacement

ACL Reconstruction

Rotator Cuff Repair

If you don’t see your condition listed, don’t worry! These are just some of the common post-surgical conditions that we treat.

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