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Kenny Reed, PT, DPT, CRGA

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Kenny was born and raised in Pocatello Idaho and has always taken advantage of the surrounding outdoor activities. Kenny enjoys spending time with his wife, Karami, and his three little princess, Kollins, Kenzli, and Kanyon. They love to spend their time dirt bike riding, backpacking, and Dutch oven cooking together. His favorite hobby is running, and to him there is nothing that can beat the feeling of blazing a trail to the top of a mountain. Although his wife would say dirt biking to get there is just as satisfying, if not more.

Kenny graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Exercise science in 2016 while running cross country and track for ISU. He then continued his education graduating from ISU with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2020. He wants people to know that physical therapists are not just here to fix the body after injury, but they can also help prevent injury and decrease co-morbid disease states. Kenny also wants to implement preventative and promotional programs for local outdoor enthusiasts, specifically runners.

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