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Scott Harris, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Scott was born in Great Falls, MT.  He attended BYU-Idaho where he received his

Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science.  He then moved to Pocatello, where he

took classes at Idaho State University to prepare for entrance into graduate school. 

He and his wife later relocated to Henderson, NV where he received his Doctorate

degree in Physical Therapy from Touro University Nevada.  Scott has since continued his

education and received the MDT Certification from The McKenzie Institute® USA Center

for Postgraduate Study in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy®.  MDT is an evidence-based

patient management system proven to eliminate back, neck and extremity painin fewer visits

compared to traditional treatment.  The key distinction is its initial assessment component,

a safe and reliable means to accurately reach a diagnosis that will guide an appropriate treatment plan, rarely requiring expensive tests/images. Scott also has more recently taken the opportunity to participate in continued education related to chronic pain states and the neuroscience of pain. 


Scott was introduced to physical therapy while recovering from a knee injury acquired while playing football in high school.  Physical therapy helped him to regain his strength and agility quickly, which allowed him the ability to participate in the upcoming basketball season.  Because of this and other experiences, he became interested in the human body and specifically how exercise and activity can improve one’s health, expedite the injury recovery process, and improve one’s overall quality of life. 

Scott loves spending time with his beautiful family.  When Scott is not in clinic, he enjoys basketball, football, weight training, music, and the outdoors. 

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