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What Is Direct Access and What Does It Mean For You

What is Direct Access? Did you know you can reap the benefits of physical therapy without having a referral from a physician? Yep, that’s right. With direct access, patients can access physical therapy services for evaluation and treatment without having a physician referral.

Why should you have to wait to see your doctor to get a referral when you can simply schedule through the physical therapy clinic directly? Having to wait for a referral to see a physical therapist can cause unnecessary delays in getting the care you need. Direct access allows patients to cut out the middle man and get on the path to recovery sooner. Seeing a physical therapist first for your injury, aches or pains can save you a tremendous amount of time and money. It may even get you moving and feeling better than you ever thought you could!

Movement = Medicine Call us today and lets get you scheduled for a 10 minute no charge consultation! 208-478-1488

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