Pedal Fest, Pocatello 2017

We had so much fun last week participating in Pocatello City Creek Pedal Fest!

Pedal Fest is an intense mountain biking race that begins and ends at the base of the City Creek Trails. It runs over three different mileages. The beginner loop is 12 miles long, the sport category runs 16 miles, and an Expert/Open trail runs 26 miles. This final trail has an overall gain of 6,400 feet! This race is incredibly challenging!

The weather leading up to the event was iffy at best. A massive rainstorm hit Pocatello the night before and brought many doubts into the minds of the riders as to whether the trails would be in good condition the next day. Despite the mud and some slippery patches, more than 300 participants showed up for the adult event on Saturday to test their mettle.

The collaborators of Pedal Fest decided to add an additional event this year: an Enduro race on Sunday. By many of the reviews and feedback from attendees and event coordinators, there were many holding out to attend that race. To quote from the Idaho Enduro Series website, “The Pocatello Pedal Fest Enduro will plunge racers into some of the best mountain biking that Southeastern Idaho has to offer. Racers will test their mettle as they are faced with race stages of over 10 minutes, 26 total miles on the bike, 3900ft of climbing, and a massive 4800ft of descending. The Pocatello Pedal Fest Enduro will be a HUGE adventure on the bike.”

It sure was a great event! City Creek is such a beautiful and scenic location!

If you live in Pocatello and haven’t taken advantage of exploring City Creek and the surrounding trails, we highly recommend it! We are so lucky to have such a beautiful trail accessible to us!


Mark Pedal Fest on your calendars for next June. This is something you don’t want to miss out on! Start training NOW!P