Meet Tyler

This week we are going to introduce you to another member of our PTSI family, Tyler Sebring. Tyler is our lead rehabilitation technician here at PTSI. Tyler is also a trainer for our newest division, Athletic Performance Specialists of Idaho (APSI). Tyler has been with PTSI since the very beginning and we are grateful to have him. Tyler truly has a passion for physical therapy and always works hard to ensure his patents are getting top-notch care.

Tyler’s favorite things:

Food: Bacon

Color: Black or Blue

Movie: Star Wars

Hobby: Powerlifting

Sport: Football

Book: The King

Animal: Lion

Place to Visit: Anywhere with a beach

3 things we wouldn’t know about Tyler:

He can quote any Disney movie

He has 6 chickens and 1 turkey

He holds 2 state records in powerlifting


If Tyler were stranded on a deserted island he would take:

A Weight set

A Guitar

Duct tape


When Tyler is not at work we would most likely find him:

Reading, fishing, camping or in the gym.

Tyler is an important member of our PTSI family. When staff members were asked to use one word to describe Tyler, some of the words mentioned were:









Thank you, Tyler for being the awesome person you are!