Meet Scott

This week we want to take some time to introduce you to one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy at PTSI, Scott Harris.

Scott was born in Great Falls, MT. He attended BYU-Idaho where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in health science. He then moved to Pocatello, where he took classes at Idaho State University to prepare for entrance into graduate school. He and his wife later relocated to Henderson, NV where he received his doctorate degree in physical therapy from Touro University, NV.

He is professional, compassionate, and great to work with!

Here are a few fun facts you might not know about Scott.

Scott’s Favorites:

Food: BBQ

Color: Blue

Movie: Braveheart

Hobbies: Lifting weights, yard work, camping, hiking, BBQ, guitar and ukulele.

Sport: Basketball, football, hunting and fishing.

Book: Crazy Horse

Animal: Elk

Place to Visit: Glacier National Park, MT

3 things you wouldn’t know about Scott:

Scott played bass guitar in a punk band named Pooter.

Scott can bench 305 lbs and squat 455 lbs.

Scott was Prom King in high school!

If Scott were stranded on a deserted island he would take:

Water filter with unlimited amount of filters

Fishing pole kit

  Fire starter kit

When Scott is not at work we would most likely find him:

with his beautiful wife and their son playing outside.

Scott is an extremely important member of our PTSI family. When staff members were asked to use one word to describe Scott some of the words mentioned were:



Professionally Goofy







Thank you, Scott for being the awesome person you are!!

We truly are grateful we get to work along side you!