Meet Mike

This week we are going to introduce you to another member of our PTSI family, Mike Ternus. Mike is a Physical Therapist Assistant here at Physical Therapy Specialist of Idaho. He is currently attending ISU working toward achieving his doctorate in Physical Therapy. Mike is an integral part of our clinic. His calm demeanor and relatable personality make him the perfect person to encourage our patients to do their best. He plays a huge role in helping to keep our clinic running smoothly.

Working with Mike is a genuine experience. His sense of humor creates an immediate comfort level with all personalities. Children and adults alike enjoy their interactions with him. It is always his goal to create a positive experience for those he treats. Mike is helpful, kind and patient which make him a wonderful father, friend and co-worker.

Mike’s favorite things

Food: Mexican food

Color: Green

Movie: Walk the Line

Hobby: Golf

Sport: Baseball

Book: Moneyball

Animal: Wolf

Place to Visit: Hawaii

3 things we wouldn’t know about Mike:

He is fluent in Spanish.

He has never been skiing.

He puts hot sauce on almost everything he eats.

If Mike were stranded on a deserted island he would take:

Good books like American Sniper, Moneyball or Harry Potter.

Golf clubs and golf balls

Hot sauce for whatever he finds to eat.

When Mike is not at work we would most likely find him:

Golfing or spending time with his family.

Mike is a very important member of our PTSI family. When staff members were asked to use one word to describe Mike, some of the words mentioned were:






Laid back



Thank you Mike for all your hard work!