Meet Holly

This week we are going to introduce you to another member of our PTSI family, Holly Rupp. Holly is one of our Front Office Coordinators here at PTSI. Holly plays a huge role in helping to keep our company running smoothly. She is often the first voice you will hear on the phone and one of the first faces that will greet you when you walk through our doors. Holly works extremely hard to meet all of our patients scheduling needs and keeps our front office running properly.

Here are a few fun facts you might not know about Holly.

Holly’s Favorites:

Food: Italian anything

Color: Red and Black

Movie: French Kiss and the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings movies

Hobby: Decorating and making “anything” crafty. She also loves to make porcelain dolls.

Sport: She loves to watch dancing competitions.

Book: The Outlander series

Animal: Tigers and panda bears

Place to visit: The “Redwoods” because it has the ocean and the mountains all in one.

3 things we wouldn’t know about Holly

She taught tole painting classes out of her garage.

She could be a professional sleeper.

She used to have her own motorcycle and loved going on weekend

motorcycle trips with her husband and friends.


If Holly were stranded on a deserted island she would take:

   A self-inflating mattress

Some kind of weapon

Drinking water

When Holly is not at work we would most likely find her…

Fixing up her house in some way or sewing something.

In the summer, she would be outside by the fire pit with her husband.


Holly is an important member of our PTSI family. When staff members were asked to use one word to describe Holly some of the words mentioned were:









Thank you Holly for being the awesome person you are!

We are very lucky to work alongside you!