Meet Chandra

This week we are going to introduce you to a member of our PTSI family, Chandra Price. Chandra is a Physical Therapist Assistant and our Director of Human Resources and Communications. Chandra plays a huge role in helping to keep our company running smoothly.

Working with Chandra is a rewarding experience. She truly cares about her patients, takes the time to get to know them, and ensures she gives them the best care possible. She also is incredibly dedicated to her fellow co-workers; creating an environment of comradery and ethics.

Chandra’s favorite things:

Food: Pizza

Color: Green

TV Show: Friends

Hobby: Riding Horses

Sport: Softball

Book: Any book by author Nicholas Sparks

Place to visit: Island Park, Idaho

3 things we wouldn’t know about Chandra:

She has a phobia of snakes.

She likes to cook.

She has never traveled out of the country, but would like to someday.


 If Chandra were stranded on a deserted island she would take:



An unlimited supply of books

When Chandra is not at work we would most likely find her:

Drinking a glass of wine on her patio, playing with her dog, or riding horses.

Chandra is crucial member of our PTSI family. When staff members were asked to use one word to describe Chandra, some of the words mentioned were:










Thank you, Chandra for being the amazing person you are!

We are very lucky to work alongside you!