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What’s the weight? Are you trying to lose weight? We get it weight loss can be hard and it’s easy to get down on yourself when you don’t see a significant change on the scale. It is unrealistic and unhealthy to expect to see huge numbers on the scale each week. The average American is around 15-20 pounds overweight. During the first few weeks of starting a weight loss program you may see larger numbers then you will a few weeks in. You should aim to lose 1-3 pounds a week d...
Posted on 2018-08-14
The Importance of Home Exercise Compliance Home exercises are usually given to patients at their first physical therapy visit and updated throughout the course of care. They are provided to reinforce what is completed during each visit and to eventually support the transition to independent management of the condition. Throughout the course of treatment these exercises are checked frequently by the therapist for proper form and progression.   What is important to note, however, is that...
Posted on 2018-07-27
Avoid Dehydration This Summer Whether you work outdoors or play outdoors with the heat rising in the summer months, it is important to stay hydrated. Since our bodies are mostly made up of water, it is important to be aware of when our bodies are not getting enough fluid intake.   There are signs to help you monitor levels of dehydration. Symptoms of mild dehydration are feeling thirsty along with having a dry mouth and lips. Among some of the moderate dehydration symptoms are a headac...
Posted on 2018-07-09
Foot Pain and Physical Therapy Believe it or not but your feet play a very important role in your life. There are many types of foot and leg pains that a person can experience. Here at Physical Therapy Specialists of Idaho we can help with a multitude of foot problems utilizing various proven, evidence-based techniques. Here at PTSI we feel that it is very important to keep your feet in good condition. If you think about how much wear and tear we put on our feet; the beating that our feet t...
Posted on 2018-06-19
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