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Now more than ever in today’s youth sports, there is a focused drive for bigger, faster, and stronger. To get that competitive edge, athletes are pushing the limits of their bodies; but with that passion also comes increased risk for season ending injuries. This has created the need for APSI!

At APSI, we are committed to bringing south- east Idaho the most advanced evidence-based sports performance training available through innovative equipment and higher-level education. APSI is committed to attaining only the most prestigious degrees and certifications that allow us to provide the highest quality athletic performance conditioning with optimal outcomes. After a 6-week program, our athletes can jump higher, run faster, throw harder and excel in their sport.

Athletic Performance Specialists of Idaho is dedicated to developing and improving speed, strength, agility, power and overall athleticism in athletes of all ages. Our programs are specifically tailored to the athlete’s needs.

Our athletic performance coaches specialize in coaching a vast spectrum of athletes, from beginners to the elite, who are looking to take their training to the next level. We use specialized testing to precisely measure strength, speed, agility and power to help determine individual needs by sport. If you’re a thrower, then throwing speeds before and after program will be evaluated. If jumping is crucial to excel in your sport, your vertical will be measured. Of course, speed is essential in all sports, so drills specific to your sport will be evaluated for speed. Our coaches will create a customized exercise program designed to address the deficient areas and to allow the athlete to excel in his/her sport. 

Our research-based approach to the long term athletic development (LTAD) is built around developing physical literacy for youth by promoting a long-term approach to quality, daily physical education and daily intermittent moderate-to-vigorohr activity. This all-around approach promotes positive mental and psychosocial development with a properly designed strength and conditioning program.vIf you or your child is looking to go from competing to dominating, give APSI a try. Remember the separation is in the preparation!

Our Staff

Our Purpose

To optimize physical performance while promoting positive mental and psychosocial development that will create peak performing athletes in a safe environment.

Our Mission

APSI is dedicated to developing highly skilled athletes of all ages to perform at peak levels. APSI programs take aspects of speed, strength, agility, and power to facilitate a comprehensive approach that utilizes innovative equipment and evidence-based research to safely enhance performance and prevent injuries.

Our Vision

APSI will be the most sought after athletic performance facility in southeast Idaho, known for its ability to create top athletes competing in their respective sports while significantly reducing the risk of injury.   




6 week Athlete Enhancement Program
•12 one-on-one sessions
•Before and after testing
•Customized training for your needs

Group Training


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